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Over the Wall
by Peter Wartman

ISBN: 978-0-9846814-3-3
6.5 x 9.5 inches, 92 pages, 2-color, softcover

Selected as a Great Graphic Novel for Teens by YALSA.

"Above all of the book’s technical virtuosity is a loving eye for charismatic characters who earn their charm—especially the girl and the demon she encounters as she enters the city, whose wary relationship winds up making for a simple, stunning payoff at the end that’s as heart-piercing as the greatest moments of Jeff Smith’s Bone."—The Onion AV Club

"[The heroine's] venture into the city [is] presented by Wartman in lavish inks and detailed haunting, labyrinthine architecture. Wartman’s use of silent panels, distance, and scale suggest the overwhelming revelations facing his youthful challenger, and his visual focus on the role of storytelling is often ingeniously presented through stone inscriptions and statuary that expand upon the story. [Over the Wall is] a highly approachable adventure tale that explores the nature of quests and the motivations behind them."—Publishers Weekly

"Middle-school readers will love this strong young woman and her dramatic fantasy-adventure."—Booklist

Over the Wall is a wonderful book. A rescue mission and accidental vision quest set in a pertly realized dark and derelict land. A humble totem to remember what is important... family, friends and sincerity.” —Aaron Renier, author of The Unsinkable Walker Bean

A great wall separates a magnificent metropolis from the surrounding country side. All humans are banned from ever entering the city. A young girl is determined to enter the forbidden city in search of her lost brother. When she crosses over the wall fantastic adventures ensue in the narrow medieval streets, ancient temples and abandoned bazars of the haunted city. To save her missing brother, she must grapple with mythical creatures, explore the mystery of the missing inhabitants, and cure the amnesia of an entire civilization. Over the Wall immerses the reader in a richly imagined world of coming of age rituals, lost worlds and the nature of memory. Over the Wall is a stunning debut from a young and talented cartoonist Peter Wartman.

The 2nd edition includes a 12 page preview of Stonebreaker, the sequel to Over the Wall.

Peter Wartman is a designer by day and a cartoonists by night. He lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. Over the Wall is his first Graphic Novel.

Check out the sequel: Stonebreaker. Now on Study Group!