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Also available as part of the Fall 2015 Subscription.

Houses of the Holy
by Caitlin Skaalrud

ISBN: 978-1-941250-05-1
Softcover, b&w, 236 pages
$21.95 $17.50 (Special price! Now Shipping!)

A young woman’s descent into the depths of her psyche in hopes of repairing the damage takes the form of a Dantean journey. Each stage a macabre installation of everyday objects and animals (dead and alive) arranged in occult patterns. Abandoning the false self leads her through despair, self-surrender, and an encounter with the inner void. Houses of the Holy by Caitlin Skaalrud is a nightmarish vision of a damaged psyche trying to be reborn.

When not drawing comics in a furnace room, Caitlin Skaalrud is attempting to self-publish them (via her micropress, Talk Weird) on an AB Dick printing press in a two-car garage. She is the recipient of a 2012 Xeric grant for Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story. Her first word was ‘Batman.’

Praise for Houses of the Holy:

"Skaalrud’s drawing is so sharp and visceral […] It’s the mind and body laid bare to itself and the reader, representing childhood in the form of the bow in her hair and adulthood in the form of the trials faced."
  Foxing Quarterly

"It’s a mysterious presentation and, honestly, kind of exciting — a two-dimensional art installation skillfully rendered in real world terms as well as the figurative ones it portrays. In this way, Skaalrud’s book is a triumph and not like anything else."
  —John Seven, Vermicious

“One of the best mini-comics of 2013.”
  —Rob Clough, High Low Comics