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Eel Mansions Subscription
by Derek Van Gieson

Eel Mansions, a new continuing series from MOME artist Derek Van Gieson, is a supernatural soap opera noir, situated in Mill City. Mill City is inhabited by new wave satanists, secret government agents, abducted family members, boozehounds, record store clerks, conspiracy theorists, non sequitors, murders, and artist types. Eel Mansions explores these characters and situations, unweaving a damning, knotted sweater of intigue and suspense.

"From a graphic standpoint, Derek Van Gieson lays on the ink with a jackhammer; thematically, he’s dredging some infernal pits of the collective psyche for images, characters, and surreal situations that add up to a nightmarish skull-fuck of a book. […] It’s the sort of David Lynch-inspired phantasmagoria that Daniel Clowes flogged to great effect in Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron—but Van Gieson slathers on a retro-hip, record-store-shopping aesthetic that owes just as much to Clowes’ earlier, lesser masterpiece, Lloyd Llewellyn. That said, the contorted flow and retina-clouding grotesquerie of Eel Mansions are all Van Gieson’s own."
Onion AV Club

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Eel Mansions Subscriptionby Derek Van Gieson