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Cartoon Dialectics Vol. 3
by Tom Kaczynski + Clara Jetsmark

6.625 x 10.1875 inch pamphlet
3-color offset cover
32 pages, 2-color throughout

$6 $5 (Preorder!)

Spring 2018New collection of comics from Tom Kaczynski. Three stories that explore the past, the present, the future, nostalgia and it's origins, and political fall-out. 'Skyway' is a modernist neo-noir set in a mythical Minneapolis. 'Trump & Nostalgia,' a collaboration with award winning Danish cartoonist, Clara Jetsmark, explores the connections between nostalgia, immigrantion, and the politics of our moment. How will we remember the presidential menace? 'Use Your Nostalgia' explores the utopian possibilities of nostalgia.

Tom K(aczynski) is an immigrant, cartoonist, writer, teacher, and founder of Uncivilized Books. His comics include the Eisner-nominated Beta Testing the Apocalypse (Fantagraphics) and the forthcoming Trans Terra (check progress on Instagram). He writes the Event Horizon column on The Comics Journal. He also teaches comics at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and the University of Minnesota. He lives in Minneapolis with his partner Nikki, two cats, and a dog. English is his third language.

cartoon dialectics 3 by tom kaczynski and clara jetsmark

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