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Gabrielle Bell portrait by Tom Kaczynski
Gabrielle Bell was born in England, was raised in California and is currently based in New York. Her comic "Cecil and Jordan in New York" was adapted for the film anthology Tokyo! by Michel Gondry.

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Selected published works:
  • The Voyeurs
  • When I'm Old and Other Stories
  • Lucky
  • Cecil and Jordan in New York
Additionally her work has appeared in:
  • Kramer's Ergot
  • MOME
  • The Drawn and Quarterly Showcase
See her diary blog: gbell.wordpress.com

Her work is available from Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics.

Tom Kaczynski
Tom Kaczynski was born in Poland. He's been drawing comics since the age of 10. His work has appeared in:

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Follow his blog: www.transatlantis.net/blog

His work is available from Fantagraphics and this site.

Jon Lewis Portrair by Tom Kaczynski
Jon Lewis began True Swamp in 1992. It continues today. Other comics include Ghost Ship, Spectacles, and scripts for DC, Dark Horse and Kodansha Publishing. Lewis came to prominence as one of a tight-knit wave of early 90s Seattle cartoonists who brought new narrative ambition to alternative comics. He lives in Brooklyn.

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See more of his work here: trueswamp.wordpress.com

James Romberger’s acclaimed graphic novels include 7 Miles a Second (a new edition is due in December 2012 from Fantagraphics) with legendary artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz and artist and punk diva Marguerite Van Cook, and Aaron and Ahmed (DC/Vertigo, 2010), with Guggenhiem fellow Jay Cantor. He lives in New York.

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See more of his work here: James Romberger

Crosby has appeared in videos by Spike Jonez, Jim Spring, Michel Gondry and R. Kern. He produced the multi-artist showcase Hip Hop Howl for the Howl! Festival in the East Village, while also bringing that troupe to the SXSW Festival. He is the visual artist behind all the cover art and web design for Swizz Beatz' weekly series Monster Mondays; and just released two digital albums "New York Posterboy" & "Downtown 85" online.

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See more of his work here: newyorkposterboy.com

Derek Van Gieson is an artist, writer, musician, currently living in Minneapolis, MN. His art has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Stranger, and has been published by Fantagraphics Books.

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See more of his work here: Derek Van Gieson

Dan Wieken Portrait by Tom Kaczynski

Daniel Thomas Wieken is an artist, illustrator and musician based in St. Paul, MN.

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See more of his work here: www.danwieken.com